Auxiliary Equipment

Auxiliary Equipment includes Roller Platform, Band Saw Machine, Circular Saw Blades, Shears Welding Joint Lap Welding, etc. Take the Band Saw Machine as an example.
The Band Saw Machine is a sawing machine that cuts wood by using a ring-shaped endless band saw blade as a saw for a one-way continuous linear motion on two saw wheels. It mainly consists of bed body, saw wheel, upper saw wheel lifting and lowering device, band saw blade tensioning device, saw blade guiding device, work table, guide plate and so on. The bed is made of cast iron or steel plate.
Operating technology
The Band Saw Machine is generally hand-operated and should be equipped with two people when sawing large workpieces. When performing straight-line sawing, the workpiece is stabilized by the upper hand, and the saw ratio is pushed forward to advance horizontally. The long material can be slightly moved by the operator so that the rear end of the workpiece is not lower than the table top.
The feed rate should be properly controlled according to the nature of the material and the size of the workpiece. It is forbidden to push and pull the saw blade. When the workman has sawed 200mm back, the hand can be pulled. When the back end of the workpiece is close to the sawtooth 200 mm, the upper hand should be disengaged, and the workpiece is sawed by the lower object. Do not feed the workpiece when the saw blade does not reach the maximum speed after driving, so as not to suddenly increase the motor load.
If a clip saw occurs during work, the workpiece kerf should be separated by force on both sides. Do not reverse it to prevent the saw blade from falling. There are situations such as running saws and purlins (swings before and after the saw blade), that is, parking should be carried out, and saw blades, saws (roads), saw cards, sawing wheels, etc. should be inspected. After the saw blades are in normal operation, sawing is performed.
When the work surface saw blade is blocked by broken wood debris, use a wooden stick to disengage it. Do not finger it. In order to prevent the resin sawdust from sticking on the saw blade and the saw wheel surface, and increasing the friction and resistance between the saw blade and the saw wheel, kerosene scrubbing can be used in the work.
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