Automatic Baler

Product:Automatic baler Detail:It is used to convey the finished pipe,can set the direction when pipe is off line,final worker pack it,automatic unloading platform. Features 1. High-performance, low-noise hydraulic circuit system, composed of high-quality hydraulic components, so that the overall performance and stability, no vibration. 2. Unique dispersion scissors designed to improve the cutting function, saving energy, longer mechanical life. 3. The length of the package can be set freely, the package type density is high. 4. Oil piercing device strength, action accurate. 5. Unidirectional floating necking device can be automatically assigned unilateral pressure, widely used in different material compression, bundles are not loose. 6. PLC control system makes operation easier. 7. Easy installation, no special site based fortifications.
  • Roller Platform

    Roller Platform

    Details: for the delivery of computer saws cut off after the finished pipe fittings, pipe through the platform on the circular roller drive, transported to the cutting position for the collection...

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