Unit gearbox is arc gear box. Each gear box by a pair of spiral arc gear and a pair of straight gears. Advantages gear box is durable, low maintenance and replacement costs. Spiral bevel gearbox transmission, bevel gear material 20CrMnTi. Compared with traditional products, this product has the following major features: 1. Low temperature rise: the main components of the product by ultra-finishing means to ensure that low slip, high torque transmission conditions to achieve the lowest temperature rise. 2. Ultra-quiet: This product uses high-precision planetary cone friction sub-structure and precision machining of the gear sub-body, in order to obtain the smallest noise index. 3. No leakage: This product is leak-free, fully enclosed design, the main seal using high-quality imported seals to ensure that no leakage. 4. Beautiful appearance: This product uses high-intensity, high-grade appearance of the spray technology, the product looks more vivid and unique. Based on the above characteristics of a new generation of mechanical CVT, especially for continuous operation, with speed control, process parameters such as changing the workplace, ceramics, beverages, food, electronics, leather, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile and all Industry Production Line and Industrial Equipment Power Transmission and Transmission Moving the best choice. Variable speed principle   With a taper of the friction wheel, the outer ring caught between the bottom ring and the speed control cam, the inner ring between the drive wheel and the pressure ring, the drive wheel and the pressure ring by the disc spring, when the drive wheel driven by the motor, Friction wheel for pure rolling, because the bottom ring and speed control cam does not move, so in the rotation at the same time around the bracket revolution, through the friction wheel shaft and slider to drive the bracket rotation. When the speed control hand wheel, speed cam to change the angular position, and through the cam surface to make the speed control cam axial movement, thus changing the speed between the cam and the bottom ring gap, forcing the friction wheel radial movement, Thereby changing the contact point of the friction wheel. When the gap increases, the friction wheel moves, the revolution speed becomes slower; when the gap decreases, the friction wheel moves, the revolution speed becomes fast, can achieve the purpose of stepless speed change. As long as the hand wheel to a certain position, the friction wheel can be evenly in a corresponding position, the output shaft can get the required stable speed.