Cold Roll forming Line

Cold rolling is a new process and new technology for material saving, energy saving and efficient metal sheet forming. The use of this process not only enables manufacturers to produce high-quality steel products, but also shortens the cycle of product development, effectively improves production efficiency, and thus enhances the market competitiveness of enterprises. In recent years, the products produced by cold-rolling forming machines have been widely used as a very important structural component in various fields such as construction, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, electronics industry, and machinery manufacturing.
Cold Roll forming Line, which includes a discharge rack, a servo feed hydraulic punching section, a cold-rolled forming machine, an automatic sawing section, a finished pallet and an electrical control system. The discharging rack is an electric discharging rack, which adopts a single cantilever structure, and the upper middle portion is provided with a coil material core for tension adjustment. The servo feed hydraulic punching part includes a punching mechanism, a feeding platform and a servo motor. The punching mechanism is connected with the electric control system, the feeding platform is connected with the servo motor, the punching mechanism is arranged directly above the feeding platform, and two sets of punching rods are provided, and the two sets of punching holes can be completed in a single time.
The cold rolling forming main body includes a guide frame, a forming portion, and a transmission portion. The guiding frame is a guiding device with an anti-rolling roller, and the forming portion comprises a frame, a side plate, a mold supporting portion and a rolling die. The frame is welded by the whole profile, with good rigidity and stable structure. It is connected with the electrical control system and has the functions of jog, automatic and reverse. The die supporting portion is provided with a rolling boring shaft, which is composed of a multi-way rolling boring shaft. The rolling die is arranged above the rolling boring shaft, and is locked and locked by the left and right shafts of the rolling boring shaft, and is stable and reliable. The material of the rolling die is made of GCr15 steel, and the surface hardness after heat treatment reaches HRC 58-60.
The transmission part includes a motor, a belt, a reduction gearbox and a drive wheel. The motor is connected to the belt, the belt is connected to the reduction gear box, and the gear box is provided with a sprocket. The driving wheel is provided with a gear, and the reduction gear box is connected and driven by the gear wheel of the driving wheel, so that the upper and lower rolling axes rotate synchronously. The automatic sawing part is a shearing die, the shearing die is a 45-degree beveling device, and a fiber-optic numerical hole device is arranged below the 45-degree beveling device, and a 45-degree beveling device is connected with a hydraulic cylinder to provide power for cutting.
The finished material support frame adopts an automatic turning and receiving platform structure for receiving the cut workpiece. The electrical control system uses a programmable controller, which is a full-automatic controller.
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