Cold Rolling Pipe Mill

Cold Rolling Pipe Mill

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Product Details

Our machine advantage
1. Good quality: We have a team of professional designers and experienced engineers. The raw materials and accessories we use are very good.
2. Quality service: We provide technical support for the entire life cycle of the machine.
3. In addition to consumables, the warranty covers all electrical, mechanical and hydraulic components on the production line.
4. Easy to operate: All machines are controlled by PLC computer control system.
5. Elegant appearance: protect the machine from rust, paint color can be customized
6. Reasonable price: We offer the best price in the industry.

Craft Flow:

uncoiling→shearing and butt welding→material accumulating→flattening→forming system

→high frequency induction welding machine→inside and outside burr removing frame→water cooling system

→sizing system→leveling system→speed testing→Turkish frame→saw cutting→running out table

Main components:


3Shearing and butt welding machine
4Forming machine
5Roller System of Forming
6Seam Guide
7High Frequency Induction Welding Machine
8Roller System for Moving
9Burr Removing Frame(Inside and outside)
10Water cooling system
11Sizing machine
12Roller System of Leveling
13Speed Testing Wheel
14Turkish Frame
15Auto flying saw controlled by Computer
16Run-out table
17Electric control Equipment18
18High frequency welding machine