1.Export India HG114 Steel tube/ pipe making machine

- Jan 19, 2017 -

1.Export India HG114 Steel tube/ pipe making machine


II. The technical flow of the production line

{SteelTape}→→ Un-coiler →→Strip-head Cutter and welder→→

Spiral Accumulator→→Forming section(Flattening unit +Main driving unit +Forming unit +Guide unit +High frequency induction welding unit +squeeze roller)+ De-burr frame →→Cooling unit →→ Sizing unit and straightener →→Flying saw under computer-control →→ Run-out table

III. Basic conditions:

a) Steel Pipe Specification

1.Pipe diameter: Ø45–Ø114mm

Pipe Thickness: 1.5– 5.0mm

2.Square pipe: 35X35-90X90mm

Rectangle pipe: 25X45-60X120mm

Pipe Thickness: 1.5– 4.0mm

3. Pipe Length: 6.0m – 12.0m

b) SteelTape Specification

1. Material: Low Carbon steel (δb≤500Mpa, δs≤235Mpa)

2. Steel Tape: Inner diameter: Φ470-510mm

Outer diameter: Φmax=1800mm

Strip steel width: 140mm-360mm

Strip steel thickness: 1.5– 5.0mm

The maximum weight: 4.0 tons

c) Electricity

1. Dynamic power: AC380V±10%, 3phases, 50Hz±1.0%

2. Control Power: AC220V±10%, one phase, 50 Hz ±1.0%

d) Electric installed capacity: appro. 700KW

e) Cooling water

1. Reservoir for High Frequency equipment: 25 m³, one set

2. Reservoir for circulating cooling water: 20 m³, one set

f) Compressed air

1. Pressure: 0.4Mpa

2. Flow: 1.5m3/h

g) Production capacity

Annual output: 50000 ton, according to the yearly working days、daily working hours and the products.

h) Line speed: 30-60m/min

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