5.Export Uzbekistan Slitting line ZJ1000x3.5mm

- Jan 19, 2017 -

5.Export Uzbekistan Slitting line ZJ1000x3.5mm

. Technology capability:

Raw material: low carbon and alloy steel strip (σs≤350MPa、b≤500MPa )

Specification of raw material:

1. Thickness of steel strip: 1.0-3.5mm

2. Width of steel strip: 800-1000mm

3. Inner diameter of strip coil: Φ650-Φ850mm

4. Outer diameter of strip coil: Max. Φ1600mm

5. Max quantity of strip coil: 15T

Production detail:

6. Inner diameter of strip coil: Φ650mm-Φ850mm

7. Outer diameter of strip coil: MaxΦ1600mm

8. Cut pcs: Max.20 pcs

9. Production speed: Max. 120m/min

10. Input Power: 4400Volt, 3 phase,4 lines, 50Hz.

11. Feeding Direction: Left side or right side

12. Electric installed capacity: Appro. 220KW

.The technical flow of mill line:

Coil car and storage→ Uncoiler→shovel board device → Flattening → Shear the ends →Centering device→Disc shear→Two side recoiled → Platform →Locating expanding set→Recoiler→Active support,hold down arm and table→Discharge Coil car

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