BF flotation machine use and maintenance should pay attention to what

- Dec 28, 2016 -

1, a number of BF-t floatation machine system (total volume) may be determined in accordance with test or a similar practice of concentrator, each job number should not be too small, so as to avoid short circuits.

2, to prevention of lump ore and debris fell into the flotation tank, so as not to get stuck impeller, affecting the normal production.

3, allowed the first feeding, soaked impeller of pulp and then driving to avoid splashing mine.

4, to the mine completely disconnected parking, parking not on mine.

5, in production, according to the sorting requirements, through an electric or manual strobe control discharge, keeping the pulp needed height.

6, inspiratory capacity according to ore properties of different and separation operation requirements, through the suction valve to adjust.

7, production, need to check the motor bearing temperature, regularly to all lubrication points lubrication, maintain BF flotation machine normal operation of equipment and production of civilization.

8, regularly check the operation of spindle bearings, oil-cleaning once a year and Roe, regular maintenance, the replacement of worn parts.

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