Can predict the NC cutting opportunities toward the following direction:

- Dec 28, 2016 -

(1) the intelligent development of CNC cutting. Artificial control of CNC cutting of the past can no longer meet the needs of development of numerical control machinery management. Future controlled through the computer for CNC cutting machine control, our CNC cutting to the intelligent, throughout the system, intelligent numerical control and the development of a breakthrough.

(2) CNC cutting network. The power of the Internet in the 21st century has been unstoppable, CNC cutting networking is a historical necessity. Intensification of CNC cutting machine and network combined with production and research, new cutting machine combines the advantage of network development projects. This development will promote the network drive NC cutting technology of new generation change.

(3) cutting machine, multipurpose development. CNC cutting machine of multiple processing technologies mature, each machine can meet multiple tasks to complete a variety of production requirements. Compounding is a new advanced production methods, CNC cutting technology research should focus more on numerical control of the machine industry complex development, building you can complete multiple tasks to complete various production requirements of CNC cutting machine.

(4) to the development of high speed and high precision. For precision machining, Machining accuracy level to the present from the original wire cutting Micron and submicron, move closer to the nano-level precision. Because the precision is more catered to the high demands of modern high-tech products, in line with the new requirements of the times.

(5) environmental-type CNC cutting machine. With the development of society and the improvement of people's quality of life, environmental protection, public sanitation, intelligent numerical control cutting machine is the trend of its development.

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