Cold rolling mill machine features:

- Dec 28, 2016 -

1. Automatic working:

Workers as long as the material in the silo, the press of a button, roll forming machine can automatically feed, duty cycle, good parts send roll out the whole process, over and over again, relaxed production.

2. Roll size consistency:

Cold rolling mill using electrical gear retaining iron for iron and machinery, the size of roll another piece in almost exactly the same.

3. Easy to adjust:

Cold rolling mill has a dedicated hand wheel fine-tuning outer ring shoulder diameter and flange with the symmetry of the ring gear, ring gear Center coincides with the center of the Web. Handwheel rotation 1 small workpiece change 0.01 mm, each turn 1 move up to 0.4 mm. Precise, arbitrary.

4. High production efficiency:

Cold rolling mill can process 16 teeth per minute outside the flywheel ring gear 10~13, processing 20 tooth flywheel ring gear 8~10, processing 22 tooth flywheel ring gear 7~8.

5. Low running cost:

On the premise of ensure accuracy, each roll continuous machining over 200,000, less than 1 cent per piece.

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