Difference between horizontal sanding machine and vertical sand mill

- Dec 28, 2016 -

First, make difficult to compare. Vertical sand mill is due to avoid sealing problems, easier in the manufacturing, construction costs are lower. Therefore, vertical sand mill is more suitable for some of the products require relatively low, but you need to have a high yield of product manufacturing. In contrast, high manufacturing cost of horizontal sanding machine, however, it can guarantee the sealing of materials to prevent contamination of the product, a better guarantee of product purity. Suitable for those requiring high precision and high fineness of grinding products.

Secondly, from the fineness of the grind. Vertical sand mill mill grinding media in the channels under the influence of gravity, medium low fill rates, and that distribution is not uniform, became a grinding effect of unsatisfactory. But very good horizontal sanding machine can overcome the effects of gravity on the media, which has better ground effects, able to meet the requirements of product fineness.

Third, we use cost for comparison. Vertical grinding machine downtime when in the bottom of the grinding Chamber grinding media. Then, to boot, leaves and beads produce a strong friction due to bead is too concentrated, easily crushed Pearl when the event occurs.

Finally, from the material to analyze. Vertical grinding machine using ordinary materials in General and horizontal sanding machine generally used better materials, generally horizontal sanding machine that used material is tungsten carbide metal.

Horizontal sanding machine is horizontal vertical horizontal sanding machine, due to differences in gravity then produced material, resulting in a lot of different. However, they all have their own room, as purchases of customers, you have to understand the characteristics of both, in order to better to choose a more suitable products of own production.

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