The main purpose and principle of belt tension

- Dec 28, 2016 -

Belt tensioner is Japan JDC Corporation high-tech patent products, in the context of the world (including China) have applied for a patent. It set in metal board material open longitudinal cut received volume line of received volume machine Qian Department, through using both inside and outside layer by different material composition, and has friction coefficient poor (outside μ > within surface μ) of special belt (patent products), belt within surface and steel business sliding block convergence of part produced friction resistance, the resistance just on plate produced anti-tension role, makes received volume machine in received volume Shi can more tight solid, and not makes volume material produced designated marks.

In addition, the special belt is divided into more than one, make more on the steel can equal tension winding. As tension is carried out by adjusting the hydraulic cylinder under pressure, therefore according to the steel material or thickness degree of freedom against tension adjustment.

Advantages of belt tensioner:

Winding and tidy, beautiful, fault tolerance is very small, compact winding sheet belts and synchronous motion (stationary relative to them), to avoid scratches on the plate surface. Especially the use of stainless steel, color-coated plate, aluminum plate, copper plates with high surface requirements.

Belt tensioning device and felt tensioning device is installed on the same device, interchangeably, a device to implement two functions. Special circular belts mounted directly on the internal circulation cooling device on the dropsy, long cooling according to the thickness of the material, through manual pressure-regulating devices to adjust the belt tension, easy operation.

JDC patent products in the belt-solid paraffin wax (Solbar) and liquid paraffin (Parax), not only to ensure stable operation on the belt in dropsy, and extend the service life of the belt.

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