What is the principle of flotation machine for coal mine?

- Dec 28, 2016 -

Mine flotation machine, also called impeller of flotation machine for coal mine, the principle of flotation machine of this kind are: pulp from the pulp on the tube into the impeller, impeller of the centrifugal force generated by swirl into the slot, then formed under the cover of negative pressure, air automatic by into trachea. Inhaled air and feed the pulp mixed together and are thrown into the slot in the upper part of the impeller, so he created a negative pressure and air so consecutively. After drug effects of pulp, to float the mineral was brought to the surface by bubble formation of mineralized foam layer and scraping to get by scraper concentrates. Instead of floating the mineral and gangue on the tank side wall gate into the middle room and into a flotation tank, pulp level control within each or several slots, by adjusting a gate to complete. Pulp is circulating in the machine.

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