Tube Mill Production Efficiency Is High

- Jun 12, 2017 -

Tube mill is a very important modern fine grinding equipment, high production capacity, with a large crushing ratio, strong adaptability to the material, easy to replace the wear parts and so on. Can be used for open flow grinding, Tube Mill but also for the composition of the circulation with the powder ring grinding.

Tube mill production efficiency is high

Through the internal structure of the mill itself and the system of powder equipment has been continuously improved, so that the potential capacity of the tube mill to give full play to increase production of 50-100%, Tube Mill improve the efficiency of the entire system.

Less loss of tube mill components

The material in the mill is crushed and ground between the grinding media and between the grinding media and the liner. During the grinding of the material, the surface of the grinding media and liner is often adsorbed with a layer of fine powder, So that the loss of the tube mill components is less.

Tube mill to reduce power consumption, saving investment

With the mill mill grinding material, can make the total power consumption of the grinding system significantly reduced, than the traditional way to save energy 25-50%, the annual energy efficiency is considerable, for the same production capacity of the other than the mill, Tube Mill Production investment less.

Tube mill equipment large-scale

The traditional tube mill is limited by the conditions of processing, transportation, heat treatment and so on. The large-scale control of the tube mill is greatly restricted. The improved tube mill is a good solution to this problem.

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