According To The Type Of Connection Flange Divided Into Several Types?

- Jan 06, 2018 -

■ Flat welding flange

Flat welded steel flange: for nominal pressure not exceeding 2.5MPa carbon steel pipe connections. Flat welding flange sealing surface can be made smooth, bump and mortise three. Smooth flat welding flange large amount of application. Used for more moderate media conditions, such as low-pressure non-purified compressed air, low pressure circulating water, which has the advantage of cheaper prices


■ Butt flange

Butt welding flange: for flange and pipe counterpart welding, the structure is reasonable, the strength and rigidity larger, withstanding high temperature and pressure and repeated bending and temperature fluctuations, reliable sealing. The nominal pressure of 0.25 ~ 2.5MPa butt welding flange with sealing surface


■Socket welding flange

Socket welding flange: commonly used in PN10.0MPa, DN40 pipeline


■ Loose flanges (commonly known as looper flanges)

Butt welding flange sets: Commonly used in medium temperature and pressure are not high and medium corrosive strong situation. When the medium is corrosive, the flange contact medium (flanging section) is corrosion-resistant, high-grade material, such as stainless steel, and the outside is clamped by a flange ring of a low-grade material, such as carbon steel It is to achieve seal


■ The whole flange

The whole flange: It is often the flange and equipment, pipes, fittings, valves, etc. into one, this type commonly used in equipment and valves.


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