Characteristics Of Slitting Machine Equipment

- Jun 23, 2017 -

Where is the exit for the slitting machine development? In the future, the form of cutting machine is what kind of cutting machine technology has changed, how to be in this fierce competition in the big market environment to go farther?

Only keep abreast of the footsteps of the times, and constantly innovate in technological technology to stand, then analyze and predict the technical process and market trend of cutting machine.

Technical process is to measure whether an enterprise has advanced, whether it has market competitiveness, whether it can keep ahead of the competitor's important index basis. With the rapid development of China's slitter market, the related core production technology application and research and development will become the focus of the industry.

It is very important to understand the development trend, Slitter process equipment, technology application and trend of the core technology of slitting machine at home and abroad to improve the product technical specifications of the enterprises.

Cutting machine foreground part from the application field of slitting machine products, downstream products, domestic and foreign production status, domestic potential manufacturers, foreign manufacturers and scale, domestic and foreign production trends, market conditions and forecasts, Slitter supply and demand analysis and forecasting, domestic demand, and many other aspects of the slitter product market status and development direction can be used as cutting machine product processing technology form trend direction of important decision-making reference.

The variety of slitting machine is increasing and the classification method is different. According to the paper size of the request can be divided into slitting machine and small slitter.

Edit the function characteristic of this section slitter

Slitting machine is used to cut the large axis of the original paper into different specifications of the paper, Slitter for consumption of napkins, tissues and other use. Divided into a common paper tray or with pneumatic synchronization

Two kinds of paper-feeding installation.

Slitting machine function: Consumption punching small plate, consumption reel toilet paper. Advantages: Punching, rewinding, slitting at the same time stop. can be equipped with pneumatic synchronous feed, Slitter inflatable shaft rewinding, embossing and other installation.

An analysis of the advantages of editing this section of Web paper slitting machine

The new improved cylindrical cylinder knife, light and smooth, wind resistance to reduce, to prevent paper floating. Laser recognition color standard system, detection drum printing paper color standard, symbol and so on and stop slitting Roll Paper Force setting program, Slitter can directly in the human machine Interface control operation.

Equipment Characteristics:

1. Centralized panel operation, integrated circuit control. The various parts of the machine are concentrated in the panel operation control.

2. Panel main function: A. Spindle speed adjustment B. rewinding length setting C. Unwinding tension adjustment d. Roll tension setting E. The Abort button.

3. The cutter adopts the upper and lower round knife. And can be based on different cutting width change the knife pad, adjust the cutting width to reach high-quality cutting quality.

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