Cut Off The Length Of Equipment Classification

- Dec 02, 2017 -

At present, the cold-formed profile cutting units commonly used in length and size according to structure and function can be divided into the following categories. Length cut off equipment, there are four main components, the general cut off the car, cut off the device base, fixed-length sensors and control devices, cut off the car drive! Understand the basic structure of cut off the length of the device, Ji Fu tell you about cut off the basic classification of equipment it!

    Of course, the length of the cut off equipment there are many kinds of classification, generally if we press the cut off the implementation of the agency's drive, there will be cut off the implementation of the actuator can be roughly divided into cylinder drive, hydraulic cylinder drive and rack and pinion drive. Among them, the cylinder and the hydraulic cylinder drive fast, and the driving force is great, but the vibration and impact of the movement are great, and the movement process is not easy to control. The rack and pinion drive structure is simple and easy to implement, but for a long time due to mechanical wear and tear will seriously affect the length and precision, and now almost seldom used. Cut off the main flying clippers and flying saw machine two

    Divided by the cutting method: In general, there will be flying clipper and flying saw two. Clipper noise when shearing is small, cut steel section section deformation is small, no glitches, but the shear moderation is more complex, and in the replacement of product specifications, the need to change the shear mode.

Clipper is mainly used for opening profiles or plate cutting. Flying saw is the use of saw blades in the walking process of steel cutting equipment, its wide range of applications, the structure is relatively simple, can cut off any cross-sectional shape of the profile, but when the sawing sawing section of the steel section has a great impact , Section steel section has a larger deformation and burr, length length accuracy is low, sawing noise, follow the larger travel. Cutting the end of the steel bar burr larger deformation is more serious, will give the follow-up process of processing difficulties and insecurity, it should be gradually replaced by flying shears instead of flying saw machine.

    There is a flying saw according to the cutting direction is divided into different hem, flat push and pendulum. Pendulum-type cutting device refers to the direction of dicing is cut from top to bottom, which is characterized by easy installation and replacement of the saw blade, but higher center of gravity stability of the implementing agencies less prone to the formation of more burrs cross-section, and not Suitable for sawing wider profiles. Push-type cutting device refers to the saw blade in parallel to promote cutting, which is characterized by suitable for cutting a wide cross-section profiles, cutting stability is better. The pendulum cutting device refers to the direction of the sawing from bottom to top, which is characterized by low center of gravity of the sawing mechanism, good work stability, less deformation of the profile section when cutting, less burr but can not cut the profile with wide section, And saw blade is not easy to install and replace. Flying saw is mainly used for closed profiles such as steel pipe.

According to the length of the cut-off device used according to the length of different ways can be divided into the travel switch positioning or positioning baffle. The length of the travel switch is set according to the length of the profile length of the travel switch, profiles in the touch stroke! After the switch off the implementing agency started, this control method easy to implement, adaptable, but the control accuracy is low. The positioning baffle-style way is to cut off the implementing agencies connected to a positioning baffle, profiled by pushing the baffle driven cut off the actuator movement, this fixed-length way the structure is simple, easy to install and maintain, but the length accuracy Very low and not suitable for softer cold-formed profiles cut.

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