Daily Maintenance Of Slitting Machine

- May 25, 2017 -

Slitting machine Operating Procedures

First, boot

1. Open the Electrical isolation switch (set in front of the electric control cabinet), press Emercency stop reset and ready to run button, Slitter key to open machine to run (main platform) check voltage (380V), current is correct, stable.

2. Open the hydraulic system power switch (set on the main hydraulic drive frame), check the main hydraulic drive system oil level and pressure gauge is correct and stable.

3. Open the pneumatic shut-off valve (set in the pneumatic control cabinet into the trachea), check whether the pressure is correct (not less than 6.0bar), stable.

II. Setting control

1. Slitter The cutting menu is arranged according to the type, thickness, length and width of the film.

2. The corresponding Bopp membrane file is filed from the PDF.

3. Set the volume length and width of the corresponding specification film.

4. Select the corresponding rewinding position, adjust the pressure roller arm and pressure roller, install the corresponding specifications of the paper core.

III. Feeding, laminating and bonding

1. Feeding: According to the requirements of the cutting plan, according to the operating procedures, in accordance with the actual situation, in the aging frame to hang the corresponding mother, according to the internal and external selection direction of the corona surface on the slitter rack, Slitter and the control button clamping steel core, leaving the steel core support arm and driving.

2. Wear film: When there is no film on the slitting machine, it is necessary to wear film. Using slitting machine to wear membrane device and function key, Slitter the original film at one end of the membrane chain ring on the eye, to start the piercing button, so that the film along the cutting process toward the flat distribution on the rollers.

3. Film: When the slitting machine has a film, Slitter the change of the coil connector, the use of vacuum membrane platform, the first to start the film to work position, manually divided into the first traction roller film to flatten and start the upper vacuum pump suction film, so that the film formation adsorption on the platform, affixed with double-sided tape and cut off the tape excess film, Slitter the membrane will be put on the shelves to flatten and start the lower vacuum pump to make the film flat adsorption, take the tape on the paper layer and the formation of adhesive film, the joint should be neat, wrinkle-free, and then turn off the upper and lower vacuum pump, Slitter will be opened to the film station not working position.

Four, boot operation

1. Change the specifications, both inside and outside the roll arm good paper core, press roll in the running state of readiness to notify all personnel to leave the machine, ready to run.

2. The main operating table Anti Staic bars placed Auto Ready to run open, starting machine run boot run.

V. Slitting control

In the cutting operation process, carefully monitor and observe the operation of slitting effect, the cutting speed, unwinding tension, contact pressure and arc roll, Slitter edge material traction roller, guide edge, etc. to adjust the control.

VI. Collection

1. When the internal and external end of the winding machine stops running, the membrane is placed on the prepared unloading car by using the film release button, and the membrane is cut and sealed with the sealing glue.

2. Use the chuck release button to loosen the card head, check whether the film roll paper Core, if one is still stuck in the paper core, manually remove the film volume.

3. Make sure all the membrane leaves the chuck on the trolley, use the film button to raise the take-up arm, install the corresponding paper core, Slitter the film neatly affixed to the paper core, the next cut.

VII. Downtime

1. When the film rolls run to the set length, the device automatically stops.

2. During the operation of the equipment, you can press machine stop when necessary.

3. When a quick stop is required, press machine stop key greater than 2S.

Slitting Machine Maintenance

(1) Daily maintenance (daily routine health)

A, keep the machine surface, guide roller and rubber roller clean.

b, the use of Air gun section sweeping machine.

C, slitting, to prevent the waste edge and blade scratched rubber roller.

D, timely removal of scrap in the edge machine.

E, choose a good paper core, not savage loading and unloading reel.

F, according to mechanical lubrication diagram required refueling.

(2) Monthly maintenance

A, clean air filter.

b, thoroughly clean the whole machine.

C, lubricate the parts according to the lubrication chart.

D, check the mechanical rotation of the solid conditions, to the loosening of the firm.

E, check the tension and life of each transmission belt.

F, cleaning the electric control box cooling fan dust.

g, cleaning blown waste edge blower filter NET.

(3) Level maintenance

A, comprehensive cleaning machine, cleaning the guide rollers and rubber rollers.

b, check all the transmission belt tension and life, to be adjusted or replaced.

C, the transmission part plus lubricating oil, grease.

D, cleaning water filters, oil mist refueling.

(4) Level two maintenance

A, comprehensive cleaning machine, cleaning the guide rollers and rubber rollers.

b, check the mechanical transmission of the solid situation, there is loosening, to be firm.

c, check all transmission belt tension and life, to be adjusted and replaced.

D, the EPC plant refueling or oil change.

E, to the transmission part of the lubricating oil, grease.

F, clean water filter, oil mist, oil mist device refueling.

G, check the electrical system, cleaning the electrical box, motor.

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