Easy Operation Of Slitting Machine

- Sep 13, 2017 -

Slitter is a wide paper, mica tape or thin film into a number of narrow-range data of mechanical equipment, slitter is often used in paper machinery, wire and cable mica tape and printing and packaging machinery. Cutting machine is mainly used in: Mica belt, paper, insulating materials and film slitting, especially suitable for narrowband (insulation materials, mica tape, film, etc.) of the slitting.

Slitting machine characteristics.

1, simple Operation Control Panel: The control of all parts of the machine, Slitter centralized panel operation.

2, three-paragraph length set: Advanced three-paragraph search-degree count, to ensure that the length of the volume is accurate.

3, automatic exchange axis: After the completion of the coiling operation, Slitter the two-axis automatic exchange, easy to operate, high efficiency.

4, labeling instructions: to reach the label length of automatic shutdown, on the platform attached to the label of the mark of the film mouth paste.

5, after the feeding mode: from the side of the operation surface material, Slitter with rubber wheels to reduce the tear stripping tape noise, and smooth discharge.

Use scale of slitting machine

Slitting machine is a kind of longitudinal cutting equipment for wide volume data, which is widely used in the following occupations:

1. For paper category This is also the current packaging equipment in the mainstream products, Slitter packaging malls are often visible.

2. Used in the division of leather, cloth, plastic, film and so on required occupation.

3. Used for strip metal coils such as strips, stainless steel, copper ... It is mainly used in steel processing plant pod-ding steel shop operators, steel mills, electrical occupations, cars, stamping parts and so on.

The main feature of the slitter is the magnetic powder clutch as a resistance device, through the system control, to output a DC voltage, control the magnetic particle clutch generated resistance. Slitter The main advantage is that it is passive device, which can control the small tension. Cutting a certain width of the coil with a tool to cut it lengthwise and into a number of devices with a narrower volume. It is installed in the calender or extrusion machine, glue machine and other unit devices, can complete continuous cutting, Slitter often with winding device. Cutting knife can be used flat blade and round mouth knife. Paper products processing machinery slitting Machine Series products: paper slitting machine, small disk paper cutting machine, reel paper slitter, high-speed slitter, such as metal processing machinery slitter: Strip slitter, copper slitting machine, aluminum plate slitting machine, stainless steel slitting machine, tinplate slitting machine.   

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