Hf Tube Mill For Steel Welding Pipe

- Nov 29, 2017 -

Hf Tube Mill For Steel Welding Pipe

Hf Tube Mill Works Editor

Materials through the feeding device into the tube mill tube body, fell in a warehouse starting grinding position [3]. When the cylinder rotation, grinding media and materials under the action of friction and centrifugal force, as the cylinder revolves and is lifted to a certain height, and then by a certain line speed drop or fall down, the material by the falling ball And large pieces of material impact, and with the ball and the ball between the ball and the mill liner, between the material and material and the ball and the liner between the additional crushing and grinding stripping effect Was smashed. After the material is crushed and grinded, the particle size becomes smaller. The smaller particles are transported to the second silo through the screening and lifting effect of the double silo and continue to be grinded by the smaller grinding media with gradual reduction under the action of the material pressure Flow to the discharge end. When reaching the discharge end, it has been grinded to a very fine particle size. After passing through the sieve for discharging the castor plate, the fine-grained fine powder is forcibly discharged from the tube mill by the discharged castor plate to enter the next process.

The advantages of Hf tube mill editor

① The physical properties of the material (such as particle size, moisture, hardness, etc.) strong adaptability to fluctuations and greater production capacity [1].

② crushing ratio (generally more than 300, ultra-fine grinding up to more than 1000), the fineness of the product, and easy to adjust the particle size.

③ can adapt to different situations of homework: dry work, but also wet work, but also the drying and grinding together two processes at the same time operations; open grinding can also be closed-circuit grinding.

④ good sealing, negative pressure operation, dust-free workplace.

⑥ easy to large-scale, to meet the needs of large-scale modern enterprise production.

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