High Degree Of Automation Of Longitudinal Shear Line

- Aug 11, 2017 -

The longitudinal shear line is used to roll the metal plate through the unwinding, slitting, and rewinding the width of the coils required for several rolls. Suitable for processing cold-rolled plate, hot-rolled plate, galvanized plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, color coated plate and surface coated metal coil plate.

longitudinal shear line is mainly the same as the car, unwinding machine, leveling machine, slitting machine, waste edge rewinding machine, tensioning machine, rewinding machine, Slitting Line unloading device and other components.

The longitudinal shear Line uses the PLC centralism controller, the Man-machine interface display, the automation degree is high, the operation is simple and reliable.

longitudinal shear Line Performance Characteristics:

The main function is to cut the width of the metal roll along the length of the strip to a number of required widths.

For rolling, blanking, cold bending molding, Slitting Line stamping and other processes to prepare blanks.

By adjusting the distance between the upper and the knife axes to accommodate the different thickness of the plate.

Replacement of different specifications of the blade ring, separate sleeve, can be cut into different widths of the strip.

Longitudinal shear line is also called Slitting unit, slitting machine, cutting machine, scissors. Slitting Line Mainly used for tinplate, galvanized iron, silicon Steel, cold-rolled strip, stainless steel belt, aluminum strip, steel strip and other roll material slitting. is to cut the metal coil into the required various widths of the strip, and then the production of small volumes for the next operation, is the transformer, Slitting Line the motor industry and other metal strip precision cutting equipment necessary.

Kinds。 According to the longitudinal shearing plate thickness, divided into thin plate longitudinal shear line (processing thickness 0. $number. 0mm), thick plate longitudinal shear line (processing thickness 3.0-6.0Mm). According to longitudinal shear metal material, can be divided into copper strip slitting line, Slitting Line stainless steel longitudinal shear line, cold plate longitudinal shear line, silicon steel longitudinal shear line, tinplate longitudinal shear line. According to the degree of automation, can be divided into automatic longitudinal shear line, semi-automatic slitting line. Applicable industries. Mainly applicable to Transformers, motors, home appliances, automobiles, building materials, packaging industry and so on. Main technical parameters. Generally speaking, slitting line non-standard products, are in accordance with customer requirements for the design, manufacture. The following is an example of a typical silicon steel sheet longitudinal shear line xh1250zs6 in the longitudinal shear line of metal thin Plate: (concrete load, slitting number, line speed, section evenness, slitting width, straightness. Slitting Line The value can be determined according to the requirements of the required) shearing material: silicon steel. Cutting material width: 1250mm shearing material Thickness: 0.15~0.5mm. Max diameter of roll: ¢2000mm. Unwinding range: ¢380~450mm/¢450~520mm volume maximum weight: 8T max Shear Line speed: 120m/min.

S-degree error: ≤0 05mm. Shearing Edge Burr: ≤0.02mm. Equipment Power: 95KW. Footprint: 12x6.2m. process, upper material on the trolley, on the unwinding of the unwinding machine-the discharging rack-the unwinding of the material--the circular shearing machine longitudinal cut--the waste side mechanism------------tension mechanism--rewinding machine--unloading trolley--hydraulic components--electrical control system The purpose of the production line, this production line is mainly used for the unwinding, slitting and rewinding of silicon steel sheet and thin steel plate, which is suitable for the manufacturing of transformers, Motors, Slitting Line transformers and other plate processing. Production line performance and characteristics. The production line for silicon steel cutting slitting has a higher productivity and shearing accuracy, according to the need to produce a variety of specifications width of the silicon steel coil, thereby saving inventory, reduce costs. Slitting Line The longitudinal shearing line consists of a discharging machine, a coarse school machine, a precision school machine, a slitting machine (two units), a receiving machine and an automatic straightening system. The electrical configuration of the slitting line is configured according to the requirements of the drawing shears. The unwinding machine and rewinding machine adopt single supporting structure with good rigidity and high quality for easy unwinding. The machine can load 0-15 tons.

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