High Positioning Precision Of Longitudinal Shear Line

- Jul 19, 2017 -

longitudinal shear Line Performance Characteristics:

longitudinal shear line is from the feeding trolley, unwinding, feeding, disc blade slitting machine, damping prescaler material, rewinding unit, unloading trolley, control system and so on.

The main function is to cut the width of the metal coil along the length of the strip to a number of required widths.

For rolling, blanking, cold bending molding, Slitting Line stamping and other processes to prepare blanks.

By adjusting the distance between the upper and the knife axes to accommodate the different thickness of the plate.

Replacement of different specifications of the blade ring, separate sleeve, can be cut into different widths of the strip.

Analysis of the use and structure characteristics of longitudinal shear line

With the development of economy and technological progress, more and more slitting lines, slitting lines, Kaiping longitudinal shear line equipment become an important performance in the market process, slitting machine also known as longitudinal shear line, slitting machine, slitting machine, Slitting Line is a metal slitting equipment. The following little series gives you a detailed share of the features and advantages.

The first is the use: it is suitable for the longitudinal shearing work of the metal strip, and the narrow strip after slitting is rolled into a roll.

The second is the advantages: easy to operate, high cutting quality, Slitting Line high material utilization, cutting speed stepless speed and other characteristics.

The 3rd is the structure: from the unwinding, the orientation of the primer, slitting and coiling, etc.

Applicable materials: tinplate, silicon steel, aluminum strip, copper, stainless steel plate, galvanized sheet and so on.

Finally is the application of the industry: transformers, motor, home appliances, automobiles, building materials, packaging industry.

Slitting Line Cutting power: The use of imported servo control technology, fast, small noise, long life. Mold: The use of imported alloy steel manufacturing mold, with small shear burr, long die life, Slitting Line less maintenance times and so on, mold manufacturing process in full accordance with high-speed punching mold processing, maintenance, disassembly, grinding especially convenient, reduce labor intensity. Feed power: The use of AC synchronous servo motor, with fast response, high positioning precision, low noise, brake heat xun small, long life and so on.

Longitudinal Shearing machine Structure: the longitudinal shearing machine is composed of frame, upper and lower cutter shaft, cutter shaft spacing adjusting mechanism and transmission system. Slitting Line The cutter shaft spacing is a double eccentric adjustment type. The upper and lower cutter shaft is driven by a DC motor, a reducer, a gear distributing box and a universal coupling. Through the eccentric position of the worm gear sleeve, the blade overlap is adjusted by adjusting the cutter shaft spacing.

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