High Production Capacity Of Pipe Mill

- Sep 22, 2017 -

Pipe Mill is used in building materials industry in the grinding of various grades of cement clinker and fired cement raw materials, one of the main equipment, with simple structure, strong adaptability to the material, Tube Mill large production capacity, crushing ratio and other characteristics.

Because of the different grinding process and grinding method, the Tube mill adopts a fully enclosed self-aligning main bearing. The bearing has a hydrostatic structure and is lubricated with a high and low pressure oil station. The Tube mill barrel is lined with ladder liner and angular spiral liner. Tube Mill The quality of the liner is high chromium cast iron, which can improve the production efficiency and reduce the consumption of energy and abrasive body.

Tube Mill is a very important fine grinding equipment in modern industry, the production capacity of large-scale pipe mill is very high. Single-silo tube mill and short cylinder ball mill is different from the place only its length is 2-7 times larger than the diameter, the material in the Tube mill experience a long time, Tube Mill product fineness uniformity, crushing relatively large. In fact, multi-silo tube mills are more widely used than single silos. In the multi-warehouse tube mill, the bulkhead plate separates the mill barrel body into several storehouse rooms, in each storehouse, according to the material fine grinding condition with the grinding body, Tube Mill so that the fine grinding of the material is carried out by stages, thus obtaining a higher grinding efficiency, and its unit power output is also larger.

Pipe Mill is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mineral processing, power and chemical industry grinding cement and other materials. Tube Mill The pipe mill has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, large production capacity, strong adaptability to material, easy replacement of wear parts, pipe mill by transmission part, rotary part, main bearing, material inlet and outlet device, lubricating part.

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