Historically Decentralized Machinery (horizontal Sanding Machine) The Evolution Of

- Dec 28, 2016 -

Traditional mechanical dispersion has been dominated by three rollers and ball mill, since 1952, United States du Pont to improve traditional slow mill production, invented by vertical sand mill since the advent of mechanical enters a new era.

To 1966 European scientists for further improved erect type sand mill machine of shortcomings as for color easily, still Shi glass beads deposition bottom up moving easily, beads easy broken, shortcomings and research development out horizontal sand mill machine, except retained erect sand mill machine of advantages outside, and used forced separation automatically cleaning device, grinding beads fill rate improve, and for no pollution, province energy, no noise, for color easy, no continues can Zhi of advantages, can applies Yu 80KU-120KU of stick degrees was became 80 generation dispersed mechanical of mainstream.

Progress of grinding medium separation system with increasing fineness of the product requirements, using the grinding media sizes getting smaller and smaller. Small size of grinding media in isolation is sanding machines and development of one of the most difficult challenges.

Traditional sanding machine using the aperture ring (very small flow area) and static screen it's hard to separate the small size dielectric separation! So more and more dynamic centrifugal separation system. Separate drive medium of the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the rotor around media was thrown out of the rotor and rotor Center is mainly pulp, and detaches the screen layout in the rotor hub, is expected to smooth out through the screen cracks, blockage and wear does not occur. Classification of dry air separation principle for horizontal type sand mill medium is sand technological leaps in the history of the mill!

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