How To Buy Sand Mill

- Dec 28, 2016 -

Mechanical sealed and equipment of cooling effect: company mechanical sealed are is used Germany imports well-known brand no leak, General using life in 8,000 hours above, due to sealed itself lubrication sex very good, without by outside as lubricants to help lubrication, so change has traditional general mechanical sealed need oil cold way, most key mechanical sealed cycle liquid used and grinding material phase dissolved of solvent or water, avoid has on products in production in the pollution products of accident, brings not necessary of economic loss. Barrel cooling equipment is mainly used cool water cooling is primarily these: mechanical seal, axis of grinding barrel, front panels, four cooling.

Productivity: very reasonable structural design, special two-stage steel bar pins (great d) design, with a high-energy grinding zirconium beads, high efficiency, but also in terms of yield double-gap discharge, output is 1 time or times of common machine, it has no impact on product quality.

Operation: master control section of the machine is very centralized, simple operation.

Color changing, cleaning, and replacement of zirconium beads: grinding Chamber without dead angle design, self cleaning effect, grinding under the barrel with track wheels, opened the barrel to clean or replace if required to bury grinding beads, a person can easily complete.

Complete security: machine electrical domestic famous brand, quality, safe and reliable, and with a grinding chamber pressure pressure, temperature overheating, overload will automatically shut down, protect the equipment in production safety.

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