How To Maintain The Pipe Machine

- Dec 15, 2017 -

Pipe making machine, also known as pipe machine, pipe unit, according to the material points high frequency pipe making machine and stainless steel pipe making machine, also known as stainless steel pipe making machine. Mainly used for decoration and industrial stainless steel pipe.


Pipe machine process

By unwinding, forming, welding, grinding, sizing, straightening, length, cut off and other production process. As stainless steel welded pipe molding, welding technology matures, in many areas have replaced the seamless pipe. Such as security doors and windows, staircase handrails, drinking water pipes, food hygiene pipe, car exhaust pipe, muffler tail pipe, heat exchanger tubes, petrochemical pipelines, ships with tubes.

Understand so much about the knowledge of pipe machine, we can easily see the role of pipe machine in the work more and more attention, then how to effectively improve its efficiency? Personally think that maintenance tube machine can know how to improve efficiency. Now I will share with you the experience of the maintenance of pipe machine.

1, always check the oil level on the tank, the oil level not less than the specified value.

2, fine oil filter is blocked when the dirt needs to be replaced; coarse filter should be promptly cleaned, once every 3 months.

3, to refuel the tank must be filtered, the oil can not be mixed with moisture, rust, metal shavings and fiber impurities.

4, start the pump in winter or cold areas, should be open stop, repeat several times, so that the oil temperature rise, hydraulic pump station to be flexible and then start working.

5, all the knob on the hydraulic pump station, non-operator shall not be disturbed.

6, often observe the power supply voltage is not abnormal fluctuations, and every 3 months overhaul time.

The correct maintenance of the pipe machine plays a very positive role in the efficiency and life of the equipment.

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