How To Operate Vertical Band Saw Machine

- Jan 08, 2018 -

Familiar with the machine tool structure

Band saw machine specifications, but its structure is similar, working principle and material with a band saw basically the same, now MJ346A type of machine to introduce its structural features.

MJ346A woodworking band saw machine is mainly composed of base (body), upper and lower saw wheel, work table, adjusting hand wheel, saw ratio, braking device, motor and other components. All drive parts of the machine adopt sealed structure to ensure safe operation. Stand, up and down the saw wheel, countertops, etc. are made of cast iron. The same diameter of the two saw wheels were mounted above and below the fuselage, the saw wheel can move up and down, in order to unload the saw blade and adjust the tension of the saw blade. Saw the wheel under the drive wheel, driven by the pulley. In order to reduce the abrasion and noise of the saw blade and the saw wheel, a layer of belt is wound around the rim of the saw wheel. Countertops directly mounted on the fuselage, the middle of a gap, as a saw blade access. Saw than attached to the left side of the table, the work surface can be tilted 40o angle. In order to prevent the saw blade from swinging left and right during sawing, a saw clamp is arranged below and above the countertop. The sawing card is directly arranged under the countertop. The saw is mounted on the machine body and can move up and down. There is a pulley behind the sawing card, which acts as a limiter to prevent the saw blade from falling when the saw blade runs backwards. The machine adopts the method of discharging the sawdust centrally to ensure the cleanliness of the working place.


Saw blade replacement and adjustment

When replacing the saw blade, open the upper and lower guardrails, loosen the fixing screws on the skateboard, turn the lifting handwheel to lower the sawing wheel, loosen the saw blade, remove the old saw blade, cover the upper and lower saw blades with the saw blade, and pay attention to the acute angle Direction down, do not turn on, and then turn the lifting hand wheel, the saw wheel rise, tensioning saw blade. Turn the saw wheel again by hand to see if the saw teeth are all exposed on the outer side of the saw wheel rim. If the saw blade is not exposed, the saw wheel should be adjusted until the saw teeth are exposed on the rims, and the edges of the upper and lower saw wheels move smoothly Vertical to the table so far.

Blade tensioning device sub-spring and pressure thallium (hammer) two, the local spring device. Base tension should be based on the width of the saw blade, thickness, speed and other decisions. The finger is usually used to press the saw blade to determine whether the tension is proper according to the left and right bending of the saw blade. In general, when the blade is pressed by hand, the curvature of the blade is preferably between 3.2 and 6.4 mm.

Saw blade width should be adapted to the width of the saw wheel surface, wheel width can not be too wide.

Saw blade clip in the middle of the saw clip, sawtooth should be in line with the outer edge of the saw clip, the saw blade can not clip too tight, should be able to slide in the middle of the saw clip, to leave a gap on both sides, each gap of about 0.04 ~ 0.08 mm. The back of the saw blade is approximately 0.8 mm away from the pulley. If the saw blade idles, it contacts the pulley, which means the back of the saw blade or the front of the pulley or the disappearance of the saw blade. The sawing wheel or pulley should be adjusted or the saw blade removed Check the roller repair trimming.

Operating technology

Band saw machine is generally manual operation, sawing larger workpieces should be equipped with two people, up and down with. Straight-line sawing, get started to the workpiece to stabilize, close to the saw, horizontally forward, long material can be a little operator from the back end of the workpiece is not less than the table. Feed rate should be based on the nature of the material and the size of the workpiece properly controlled, prohibiting thrusting and jerking the blade. When the worker saw saw back 200 mm, start to pull side. When the back end of the workpiece approaches the sawtooth 200 mm, the upper hand should be sold off and the workpiece should be seeped by the lower object. After driving the saw blade does not reach the maximum speed, do not feed the workpiece, so as not to suddenly increase the motor load.

In the course of work, such as the emergence of folder saw sawing, the saw should start by the workpiece to both sides of the force separation, do not back down, so as to avoid the saw blade falling. Sawing, channeling (swing around the saw blade) and so on, that is, should stop, the saw blade, sawing material (road), Saw card, saw wheel and so on until the saw blade normal operation, and then sawing. When the workbench saw blade path block debris clogged, the application of stick out of the dial, do not use your fingers fiddle. In order to prevent the saw blade, the saw wheel surface bonded resin sawdust, increased saw blade, saw wheel friction and resistance between work can be scrubbed with kerosene.

Several typical workpiece sawing method

(1). The narrower the jig saw blade, the smaller the curve radius of the saw. As a rule of thumb: 12 mm wide saw blade for sawing curves with a radius of curvature of approx. 70 mm; 25 mm wide saw blade for sawing curves with a radius of curvature of approx. 250 mm; 35 mm wide saw blade for sawing radius of curvature About 450 mm curve; 50 mm wide saw blade, you can saw a radius of curvature curve of about 800 mm. When using a wide saw blade to cut a curve with a small radius of curvature, you can saw a few radial kerfs and then saw the curve.

(2). Straight-angle sawing method Straight-angle cornering sawing, you can first drill a hole in the corner, and then according to the direction of the arrow sawing. Turn around the corner can be directly sawing.

(3). Bending Saw Cutting Law Sawing Bending generally adopt the method of scribing and sawing. You can also use the curve by the mold sawing, the curve will be on the template to the saw, the workpiece will be processed with the towel template sent in the past, you can saw the corresponding curve. Material curvature and saw blade width should be appropriate.

(4). Bevel saw method When beveling, the machine table can be tilted to the desired angle. It is also possible not to adjust the table of the machine, to make a wedge-shaped plank with a corresponding inclination fixed to the countertop. When the workpieces are sent along the wedged plank, the required bevel is sawed out.

(5). Tapered saw method of sawing a big small piece, the often used by the template method, is to be slightly longer than the workpiece to be sawn wood cut into the desired slope, surrounded by planing, as a template. The template can not be too thick, keep the small head about 10 mm, and then the template tacks a block as a file head, sawing will be processed by the top of the template, the surface template is close to the saw ratio. Template should be done two, before and after the swap, in order to improve work efficiency.

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