Inks: Glass Ink Pigments Still In The Golden Period Of Development

- Dec 28, 2016 -

Chinese glass industry is a fast-growing trend in recent years, the main reason is the real estate market's recovery and the support of the national policy on home appliances to the countryside, as the maximum of inorganic pigments in glass printing ink industry and will be in the golden period of development.

Prints most of known as durable glass for home appliances, furniture, decoration, building materials and other durable goods, printing design must guarantee within the life cycle of the goods does not change color, not destroyed. So, requirements glass print has is good of durable sex, but, due to glass belongs to to firm attached of inorganic material, silk printing ink with of organic resin on its adhesion, especially resistance water and resistance light sex are hard meet above requirements, so, glass printing ink with of resin and pigment must by special design and by long-term of various patience test filter, which small series recommends pigment can reference welcome Asahi environmental inorganic pigment copper chrome black 2808.. The other area of concern is some time ago to the new European environmental regulations toys, packaging, and other testing puts forward new requirements, mainly heavy metals limit is increased from 8 to 19, 66 kinds of allergic spices using clear limits. This signal is mainly for domestic paint, glass ink manufacturers put forward higher requirements for paint choice was also crucial, choose nontoxic weather resistance chemical resistance, high temperature resistant paint became the cornerstone for enterprise development. Good news is our glass ink ink has been spent on the environmental performance of products a degree of attention gradually from a single focus on production costs to production more in line with the environmental standards of the product changes. This illustrates my ink manufacturing industry is also active in international standards, develop overseas markets. Only keeping continuous innovation, from the production of raw materials, production processes, and many other checks, can win the market!

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