Performance Characteristics Of Slitting Lines

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Slitting line, also known as slitting machine, sub-machine, cutting machine, scissors. Mainly used for tinplate, galvanized iron, silicon steel, cold-rolled strip, stainless steel, aluminum, steel and other coil material slitting shear. Is the metal coil cut into the required width of the various materials, and then the strip into a small volume for the next process to use, is the transformer, the motor industry and other metal strip precision cutting of the necessary equipment.

species. According to the thickness of the slab can be divided into thin slitting line (processing thickness 0.1-3.0mm), thick slab line (processing thickness 3.0-6.0Mm). Slitting Line According to the longitudinal metal material, can be divided into copper strip slitting line, stainless steel slitting line, cold plate slitting line, silicon steel slitting line, tinplate slitting line. According to the degree of automation, Slitting Line can be divided into automatic slitting line, semi-automatic slitting line. Applicable industry. Mainly applicable to transformers, motors, home appliances, automobiles, building materials, packaging and other industries. The main technical parameters. In general, the slitting line is a non-standard products, are in accordance with customer requirements for the design, manufacture. The following is a thin sheet of metal in the thin section of the thin section of the thin wire XH1250ZS6 example: (specific load, sub-number, line speed, cross-section uniformity, Slitting Line the width of the strip, straightness and other values may be based on the requirements ) Cutting material: silicon steel sheet. Shear material width: 1250mm shear material thickness: 0.15 ~ 0.5mm. The maximum diameter of the material: ¢ 2000mm. Uncoiling range: ¢ 380 ~ 450mm / ¢ 450 ~ 520mm Roll material maximum weight: 8T Maximum shear line speed: 120m / min.

Slitting line Features:

Slitting line is made by loading trolley, unwinding, feeding, Slitting Line disc blade slitting machine, damping pre-material, winding unit, unloading car, control system.

The main function is to cut a wide metal roll along the length of the required width of the strip.

For the rolling, punching, cold forming, stamping and other processes to prepare blank.

By adjusting the distance between the upper and lower knife shaft to accommodate different thickness of the plate.

Replace the different specifications of the blade spacer, spacer sets, Slitting Line can be divided into different width strip.

The slitting line can reduce the surface of the plate Mocha, but also get tension, then he is not limited by the speed, and now a number of rolling roller tension station is the latest technology, need to work in the roller tension station To achieve the world's advanced level, combined with the current situation, Slitting Line the surface of the coil without damage and high-speed slitting production line will be the future of the main direction of development, the series of slitting line for the metal coil through the open, slitting, Need the width of the tape. Want high speed, tension is a very important part. Slitting machine combination: cold rolled coil, stainless steel, color coated roll, tinplate slitting production line.

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