Pipe Forming Machine Occupies Small Space

- Jul 19, 2017 -

Tube Forming Machine Features:

1. Pipe forming machine main circuit adopts import PLC control work, easy to operate, sensitive, easy to maintain;

2. Pipe forming machine automatic feeding, Tube Shaping Mill uninterrupted feeding using servo motor. Precision Wire rod, cutting accuracy reached ±0.03mm;

3. Tube Forming machine counter can set the number of processing, or automatic shutdown, or cumulative day of work;

4. Tube forming machine before and after the pressure can be adjusted to ensure that the workpiece without clamping deformation;

5. Tube Forming machine processing size change, Tube Shaping Mill no need for manual hardware positioning, just on the text display to change the relevant size data can work;

6. Tube Forming machine for aluminum, copper, organic materials, plastic steel materials, carbon fiber, such as a significant effect, cutting without Burr, Tube Shaping Mill the chip after cutting concentrated recovery, cooling liquid can be recycled, with high efficiency, time and material characteristics.

Tube forming Machine summed up seven points of merit, hope to use friends to see.

One: flue-cured tobacco smoke chuanwei effect is good: Smoke Taoist detection, Tube Shaping Mill can effectively prevent the Chuanwei phenomenon, avoid cross-contamination between households.

Two: flue-cured smoke prevention effect: flue not only to prevent rain and snow in the vent, but also to rely on wind pressure, to produce smoke extraction effect, promote flue gas emissions.

Three: flue-gas balance in the smoke road: The overall flow of flue gas balance system, so that the upper airflow to drive the lower airflow upward, to promote the lower floors of smoke smooth, Tube Shaping Mill to overcome the exhaust emissions from the top to the bottom of the phenomenon.

Four: Flue design easy to choose: the location and direction of flue gas vent is not restricted, easy to design and choose, easy to install.

Five: Smoke flue smoke smooth, fast: flue gas system flow resistance is small, high airflow speed.

Six: The flue covers a small area: small section of the flue, Tube Shaping Mill small footprint, save space.

VII: Flue gas saving raw materials and energy consumption: flue materials and energy consumption low.

To sum up, the cement flue forming machine is a good machine.

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