Pipe Mill Is Suitable For Grinding Operation Of Cement Production Process

- May 25, 2017 -

The pipe mill is one of the important fine grinding equipment in the industrial history, which is mainly used for the powder grinding of the finished product and raw material of the cement plant, Tube Mill and is suitable for the grinding of various materials in the production process. The pipe mill comprises a new type of dry process cement production line, the air sweep and grinding system, the tail lifting cycle grinding system, the middle unloading and lifting cycle drying mill system and the cement grinding a-stage coil system, and the roller press pre-grinding system. Widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mineral processing, power and chemical industry grinding cement and other materials.

The pipe mill consists of a feeding device, a discharging device, a mill barrel, a moving device (a reducer, a small transmission gear, an electric motor, an electric control) and other main parts.

1. The feeding device consists of a feed chute and a feed screw barrel, Tube Mill and a liner plate is arranged inside the feed chute to prolong the service life of the feeding device;

2, end cover and hollow shaft are divided into two parts together, the end cover for high-quality carbon steel cutting processing, hollow shaft casting molding, can ensure its safe and reliable work.

3, the feeding end of the hollow shaft with a reserved gap, can reduce the cylinder by the temperature difference of the expansion and installation errors, to ensure the correct meshing of gears;

4, the Tube mill lining plate for the combination design, Tube Mill in accordance with the different stages of grinding in different liner structure, greatly improving the grinding efficiency;

5, the main bearings with sliding bearings, sliding bearing with good strength, plasticity, polymerization, antifriction, wear resistance, lubrication and heat transfer, Tube Mill and the replacement of simple, convenient, can meet the requirements of good hollow shaft lubrication, the application of pipe mill low-speed, heavy, dust more work environment.

Tube Mill Advantages:

1, less loss-tube mill material particles in the grinding medium and grinding medium and the lining between the impact and grinding and crushing, in the process of crushing materials, the surface of grinding medium and liner is often adsorbed with a layer of fine powder, which acts as cushion cushion, Tube Mill so the loss of the parts of the Tube mill is less.

2, high production efficiency-through the internal structure of the mill itself and the system of selected powder equipment has been continuously improved, so that the potential of the pipe mill to give full play to increase production of $number, improve the overall system production efficiency.

3, reduce power consumption, save investment-with pipe mill powder grinding materials, can make the total power consumption of grinding system significantly reduced, than the traditional grinding method energy-saving $number, the annual energy-saving benefit is considerable, for the same production capacity requirements of other grinding machines compared to less production investment.

4. Large-scale equipment-the traditional pipe mill by the processing, transportation, heat treatment conditions, such as restrictions, the size of the pipe mill is greatly restricted, the German heavy industry after the improvement of the pipe mill to solve such problems.

Pipe Mill is a common grinding equipment in building materials, metallurgy and mining industries, and its transmission parts and sizes of gear vibration directly affect the normal use of pipe mill. Analysis of the causes of vibration from many aspects, can avoid errors in judgment, for the design, manufacture, installation and use of the reference.

The pipe mill is designed to take into account the force direction of the large gears in the gear transmission, and the equipment Foundation does not bear the force of the horizontal direction.

The pipe mill usually uses the modified gears. Tube Mill The German Buchman, in 1976, proposed a large-deflection gear and considered that the use of the gear on the Tube mill should be prohibited. The meshing angle of the modified gear is α-α N. According to the calculation formula can be extrapolated, such as modulus MN = 30, pressure angle α n = 20 °, total number of teeth Z sigma = (32 + 216), total shift coefficient x sigma = 2.8 gear meshing angle α ′ = 23.03 °, more than α N + 3.03 °, its horizontal force about 5%.

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