Pipe Mill On The Material Adaptability

- Oct 31, 2017 -

What is the tube mill?

Pipe mill is a kind of cement used in grinding operations, suitable for cement production process of various materials grinding operations. The mill comprises a wind sweeping system for the raw powder grinding line in the new dry process cement production line, a tail-lift lifting grinding system, Tube Mill a first-class hoisting system for the lifting and drying cycle grinding and cement grinding, Pre-grinding system. Widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mineral processing, power and chemical industry grinding cement and other materials.

Tube mill features:

1, the transmission form: the center drive and edge drive (including multi-point engagement of the edge of the transmission). Large and medium-sized pipe mill with slow drive. Center drive deceleration using our own ZJA, JOF, MOF series of special-purpose reducer. Tube Mill Edge drive reducer using my company developed the parallel shaft reducer and MB series multi-point special reducer gear.

2, tube mill support: the main bearing, double slide and mixed desktop (one end of the main bearing, the other end of the slide). Bearing with CNC machine tools. Small and medium-sized tube mill commonly used main pumping bearing; large pipe mill with double sliding bearings or hybrid support. Three kinds of bearings are equipped with high and low pressure station.

3, the Ministry of rotation: mainly including the cylinder and liner. Tube and end cover through the finite element analysis: the use of automatic welding, ultrasonic inspection, Tube Mill the overall annealing, large-scale special machine tool for a card processing. Grinding liner with my company developed its own wear-resistant materials, through a special heat treatment. High hardness, long life In the long double-warehouse cement mill with high-efficiency screening combined double-layer compartment device, Tube Mill the coarse grain material can be blocked in the coarse grinding warehouse, to ensure that the fine grinding to the appropriate size of the grinding body grinding, Tube Mill improve screening efficiency. And effectively improve the tube mill production.

4, into the material discharge device: with the hollow shaft or transmission connection and other static and dynamic joint with a special seal to ensure that its oil does not leak, no leakage of ash.

5, control and protection system: the entire pipe mill system using PLC control, can be achieved on the tube mill support device and reducer all bearing and Run Weiying temperature inspection and body vibration detection, Tube Mill and with the central control room to achieve Computer control.

The mill is improved by ball mill, which is widely used in the material crushing of basic industries such as metal and nonmetallic mineral concentrator, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and power sector. In the cement industry, the role of tube mill is insignificant, dry, Tube Mill wet production must use the appropriate specifications of the mill to grind raw materials, coal and cement clinker.

Pipe mill length is generally longer, generally have a number of warehouse composition, so that the material in the tube mill can grind longer time to achieve the purpose of energy saving. In fact, Tube Mill multi-warehouse tube mill than a single application of a wide range. Thus achieving a higher grinding efficiency, its unit power production is also larger.

The advantages of tube mill

1) the adaptability of the material, production capacity, to meet the requirements of modern industrial production;

2) crushing relatively large, Tube Mill under normal circumstances up to 300 or more, ultra-fine grinding can reach more than 1000, and easy to adjust the fineness of finished products and grain gradation;

3) can adapt to the cement production under different conditions of operation, such as dry grinding, but also wet grinding, drying and grinding can be carried out at the same time, open grinding, but also closed-circuit grinding;

4) simple structure, strong, reliable operation, Tube Mill easy maintenance and management, long-term operation;

5) have a good seal, you can negative pressure operation, to prevent dust flying.

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