Slip Line With High Degree Of Automation

- Oct 10, 2017 -

Slitting line, also known as slitting machine, sub-machine, cutting machine, scissors. Mainly used for tinplate, galvanized iron, silicon steel, cold-rolled strip, stainless steel, aluminum, steel and other coil material slitting shear. Is the metal coil cut into a variety of required width of the strip, Slitting Line and then the strip into a small volume for the next step to use, is the transformer, the motor industry and other metal strip precision cutting of the necessary equipment.

Slitting line from the discharge machine, the rough school, the school, sub-machine (two), Receiving machine, automatic straightening system components. The electrical configuration of the slitting line is arranged according to the requirements of pulling and cutting. Uncoiler, Slitting Line winding machine with a single bearing structure, good stiffness, easy to open the material on the high quality. The equipment feeder, the feeder can bear 0-15 tons.

The slitting line is used to roll the metal coil through uncoiling, slitting, and winding into a roll of the desired width. Applicable to the processing of cold-rolled plate, hot-rolled plate, galvanized sheet, aluminum, stainless steel plate, Slitting Line color coated plate and the surface coated with various types of metal coil.

Slitting line mainly with the loading trolley, uncoiler, leveling machine, slitting machine, waste side winder, tensioning machine, winding machine, discharge device and other components.

The entire slitting line using PLC centralized controller, man-machine interface display, Slitting Line a high degree of automation, simple and reliable operation.

Advantages of slitting lines

1. Cutting efficiency is high, is the flame cutting efficiency of several times;

2. Low cost of production, which is one-tenth of the cost of flame cutting;

3. Equipment on the steel plate can cut both cut and cut cross-section (trapezoidal variable cross-section);

4. Steel plate after processing straightness, no burr, Slitting Line processing end of the tidy, without correction can be used directly;

5. After processing sheet material blanking, Slitting Line easy packing and transportation, processing of the plate can be used as a commodity material directly on the market;

6. Equipment input cost is low, easy to install, simple operation, easy to use.

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