Slip Line With High Degree Of Automation

- Oct 31, 2017 -

The slitting line is used to roll the metal coil through uncoiling, slitting, and winding into a roll of the desired width. Applicable to the processing of cold-rolled plate, hot-rolled plate, galvanized sheet, aluminum, stainless steel plate, Slitting Line color coated plate and the surface coated with various types of metal coil.

Slitting line mainly with the loading trolley, uncoiler, leveling machine, slitting machine, waste side winder, tensioning machine, winding machine, discharge device and other components.

The entire slitting line using PLC centralized controller, Slitting Line man-machine interface display, a high degree of automation, simple and reliable operation.

The slitting line is specially made for the steel structure industry and the steel distribution processing center. It is used to re-collect the raw material steel slab according to the requirements of the final customer after rewinding the coil to facilitate the final use of the end user.

The slitting line is mainly used for unwinding, shearing and winding of coils. Slitting Line It is suitable for transformers, motors, transformers and other manufacturing industries.

Performance and characteristics of slitting line

The slitting line has high productivity and shear precision for slab cutting of silicon steel sheet. High degree of automation, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers, Slitting Line while at any time according to the need to produce a variety of coil at any time, thereby saving inventory and reduce costs.

Uncoiler with a single bearing, good stiffness, the upper and lower volumes convenient, open-book high quality; winding machine with hydraulic lifting reel and equipped with hydraulic rotary joint, the cantilever end with auxiliary support, good stiffness.

Maintenance of the slitting line

Do a good job of maintenance work, you can improve the efficiency of the cutting line and the accuracy of cutting, if the slitting line is damaged, will give us the loss of production and processing.Therefore, Slitting Line in the production work must pay attention to the slitting line Maintenance.

1, uncoiler and reel the reel on a total of eight press-type oil standard, the car should be added every day before driving.

2, when moving the slide (activities guide device), Slitting Line should be added in the table a little oil.

3, gear box with 20 # mechanical lubricants, oil level is higher than the oil standard, such as below this elevation, to add oil.

4, the class before the oil pouring all the cursors.

5, regularly check the bearing part of the abnormal sound and temperature rise, if necessary, re-smear grease.

6, slide screw nuts and bearings, Slitting Line the use of grease lubrication. When moving the slide (broken cut bed), should be added in the table a little oil.

7, the gear box by the injection port into the 20 # mechanical oil, oil level to maintain the oil mark in the position.

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