Slitter Stability Is High

- Aug 01, 2017 -

Slitter is the main feature of the magnetic clutch as a resistance device, through the system control, to output a DC voltage, control the magnetic clutch generated resistance. Slitter The main advantage is that it is a passive device that can control the smaller tension.

Slitter - Features

1, simple operation control panel: the Department of the Ministry of control, Slitter centralized panel operation.

2, three-stage length setting: advanced three-stage lookout count to ensure that the winding length is accurate.

3, automatic exchange axis: After the completion of coiling operation, Slitter the two-axis automatic exchange, easy operation, high efficiency.

4, labeling instructions: to reach the length of the label after the automatic shutdown, attached to the platform attached to the label of the label label paste.

5, after the feeding method: from the side of the operating surface feeding, Slitter with rubber wheel to reduce the tear tape stripping the noise, and smooth discharge.

Slitting machine suitable for cutting all chemical fiber fabric, after the erection of the incision will not cover the edge, do not pull hair. So for the cutting machine product performance characteristics and advantages you know how much? Here to look at it.

Slitter product performance characteristics

1. Frequency control system, stable and reliable;

2. Strong structure, high-speed operation of high stability, Slitter effectively improve the durability of the machine and its service life;

3. Fast, high capacity;

4 cut the fabric formation, precision;

5. Feeding process on average, improve the smooth and neat incision, Slitter and more energy efficient;

6. Oblique angle can be adjusted according to demand.

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