Technical Parameters Of The Slitting Line

- Jul 07, 2017 -

Slitting line is mainly applied to silicon steel, tinplate, aluminum longitudinal cutting. The above materials can be cut into the required width of the various materials, and the strip was rolled into a small volume for the next step for the use of the system. Is the transformer, auto parts, aluminum processing and other industries necessary equipment. Production line components: unwinding machine, Slitting Line round knife slitting machine, pressing guide machine, receiving machine, unloading station and electrical control cabinet and other components. Equipment features: The device uses round knife rolling and elastic round of the form of rolling to complete the precise cutting of the material. The machine spindle with high precision, high hardness, high strength characteristics. Slitting Line The cutting accuracy of the machine is parallel to the error of 0.05mm, glitch 0.02mm, round scissors material by a special process manufacturing, with long service life. The main technical parameters: 1: the maximum width of the cutting material 1000/1250 mm 2: the maximum thickness of the shear material: 0.5mm 3: roll diameter: 450mm 4: shear the maximum weight: 6T 5: shear line speed : 0 ~ 0-50 m / min 6: production line workplace about 3.512m

The core transformer plays an important role in the overall operation of the slitting line

During the operation of the slitting line, the core transformer plays a very important role in the whole operation process. Both the iron core transformer plays an irreplaceable role both in the shearing process and in the winding process, Here we come to a specific understanding of what.

The slitting line is used to roll the metal coil through the unwinding, slitting, winding into the desired width of the coil. Slitting Line Applicable to the processing of cold-rolled and hot-rolled carbon steel, silicon steel, tinplate, stainless steel and surface coated with all kinds of metal materials.

Steps to complete after the slitting line work:

(1) to clean the edge material. (2) do a variety of records. (3) cleaning tools, high-speed slitting line, cleaning production site.

Note: 1. After power should pay close attention to the equipment abnormal situation should immediately stop and do the appropriate treatment. 2. Non-staff is strictly prohibited near the running equipment. 3. When the equipment is running, the slitting line shall not cross the rotating piece of material. 4. Before each knife, you must clean the tool and the upper and lower knife shaft, and with No. 20 ~ 25 lubricating oil lubrication, Slitting Line so as not to affect the tool end jump, or even scratch the knife axis. 5. Regularly check all fastening bolts are loose and take appropriate measures, the equipment according to the specified time frequency lubrication maintenance. 6. After cutting work, turn off the power. 7. Uncoiler, winding machine shall not be a long time hanging material.

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