The Characteristics Of Strong Anti-interference Ability Of Longitudinal Shear Line

- Sep 22, 2017 -

Longitudinal shear line is also called Slitting unit, slitting machine, cutting machine, scissors. Mainly used for tinplate, galvanized iron, silicon Steel, cold-rolled strip, stainless steel belt, aluminum strip, steel strip and other roll material slitting. is to cut the metal coil into the required various widths of the strip, and then the production of small volumes for the next operation, is the transformer, Slitting Line the motor industry and other metal strip precision cutting equipment necessary.

longitudinal shear line by the discharge machine, coarse school machine, precision school machine, slitting machine (two units), receiving machine, automatic straightening system composition. The electrical configuration of the slitting line is configured according to the requirements of the drawing shears. The unwinding machine and rewinding machine adopt single supporting structure with good rigidity and high quality for easy unwinding. Slitting Line The machine can load 0-15 tons.

The main function is to cut the width of the metal roll along the length of the strip to a number of required widths.

For rolling, blanking, cold bending molding, stamping and other processes to prepare blanks.

By adjusting the distance between the upper and the knife axes to accommodate the different thickness of the plate.

Replacement of different specifications of the blade ring, separate sleeve, Slitting Line can be cut into different widths of the strip.

The longitudinal shear Line adopts high-precision machine tool spindle bearing support, the knife shaft axial and radial runout is small, the knife plate adopts the nut three point to locate the locking way, the dimensional accuracy is accurate, the lock is tight and reliable. The machine can be operated alone or all the linkage, Slitting Line equipped with electromagnetic speed control device, longitudinal shear speed to facilitate the operation of high reliability; unwinding machine, rewinding machine using hydraulic pressure shrink reel and equipped with hydraulic rotary joint, the cantilever end of which is provided with auxiliary support, good stiffness. Slitting Line The main movements of the production line are hydraulic form, stable and reliable movement, low noise, convenient and reliable maintenance. The use of dual-bar Machine Head, the minimum width of 30mm, the maximum number of stripes can reach 12, the thickness range of 0.3-1.0mm. This production line is controlled by PLC, Slitting Line equipped with DC or variable frequency speed regulating device, and the longitudinal shearing speed is convenient to adjust. The main electronic control components and hydraulic components with foreign imported products, high reliability, the control system anti-interference ability, with self-diagnosis function, can help to quickly query the cause of failure. Slitting Line The smooth and reliable operation of the production line, low noise, convenient maintenance and reliable. This production line fully consider the safety of human machine, take reliable precautions to prevent misoperation.

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