The Role Of Slitter In Manufacturing

- Aug 11, 2017 -

Slitting machine is a wide paper, mica tape or thin film into a number of narrow-range materials of mechanical equipment, often used in paper machinery, wire and cable mica tape and printing and packaging machinery. Slitting machine is mainly used in: Mica belt, paper, Slitter insulating materials and film slitting, especially suitable for narrowband (insulating material, mica tape, film, etc.) of the slitting.

The role of slitting machine manufacturing:

This is a common problem in China's manufacturing industry, any mechanical equipment, in addition to the design of reasonable, Slitter in the manufacturing also requires precision, and Chinese manufacturing in this regard is deficient, in addition, manufacturing process is a weak link, the manufacture of cutting equipment, in addition to a number of general machine tools, Slitter but also need to have some of the manufacture of special equipment, such as dynamic balancing machine, water cutting machine, and so on, because the cutting machine manufacturing precision requirements, so some equipment need to use CNC machine tools to process parts, In particular, Slitter it is necessary to popularize the use of machining centers, so that the production of slitting machine equipment processing accuracy can be fundamentally guaranteed.

Use scale of slitting machine

Slitting machine is a kind of longitudinal cutting equipment for wide volume data, which is widely used in the following occupations:

1. For paper category This is also the current packaging equipment in the mainstream products, Slitter packaging malls are often visible.

2. Used in the division of leather, cloth, plastic, film and so on required occupation.

3. Used for strip metal coils such as strips, stainless steel, copper ... It is mainly used in steel processing plant pod-ding steel shop operators, steel mills, Slitter electrical occupations, cars, stamping parts and so on.

Slitter is the use of PLC and touch-screen control, magnetic powder clutch tension control, the center of the method of coiling.

Host is the use of frequency conversion speed control. Slitter Can automatically meter, alarm shutdown. The tension numbers are all displayed on the touchscreen.

Unwinding using photoelectric automatic rectification (or ultrasonic correction) correcting the edges of the paper neatly, so that the irregular material can be divided into normal.

Round knife (or straight knife) slitting, waste edge automatic discharge device.

Slitting machine break up (or pneumatic) on the material release reel with cone sleeve type inflatable shaft (3"or 6").

Rewinding adopts a, b-axis (inflatable).

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