The Running Process Of The Longitudinal Shear Line

- May 25, 2017 -

Slitting line is specially for steel structure industry and steel distribution processing center made of plate fixed ruler slitting unit. Slitting Line For the steel roll kaiping after the final customer requirements will be the raw material steel volume of the vertical cut after the collection of the volume, to facilitate the actual use of end users. My company in the simple high-precision longitudinal line has a wealth of experience, for the actual investment of customers and the actual use of work has a great advantage.

The slitting line can be fitted with a tool replacement rotation device with an automated system for loading and unloading.

When the tool is replaced, Slitting Line the rotation device moves to the close longitudinal shearing machine to align the shaft (the longitudinal shear axis and the rotating device axis), and then the tool booster system pushes the longitudinal scissors to the rotating device shaft.

After the original tool is loaded, the rotation device rotates 180 ° and aligns the other pair of axes (here is a new tool), the tool booster pushes the cutter to the longitudinal cut line, and completes the tool replacement.

Slitting Line The important role of iron-core transformer in the whole operation of longitudinal shear line

During the operation of the longitudinal shear line, the core transformer plays a very important role in the whole operation process, whether it is in the shearing process of the plate or in the process of rewinding, the iron core Transformer plays an irreplaceable role.

The longitudinal shear line is used to roll the metal plate through the unwinding, slitting and rewinding to the desired width. Applicable to the processing of cold-rolled and hot-rolled carbon steel, silicon steel, tinplate, stainless steel and surface coating of various metal materials.

The steps to be completed after the work of the transformer iron core longitudinal shear line is finished:

(1) Cleaning the side material. (2) Do all kinds of records. (3) Cleaning tools, high-speed slitting line, cleaning production site.

Note: 1. After power should pay close attention to the abnormal situation of equipment should be immediately shut down, and do appropriate treatment. 2. Slitting Line Non-staff members are strictly prohibited from running near the equipment. 3. When the equipment is running, the slitting line shall not be cut across the rotating sheets. 4. Each time before the knife, you must clean the tool and the upper and lower knife shaft, Slitting Line and use the Sian 25 No. 20th lubrication oil, so as not to affect the tool end jump, or even scratched the knife shaft. 5. Regularly check all fastening bolts are loose and take appropriate measures, equipment in accordance with the specified time frequency lubrication maintenance. 6. After the shearing work, the power supply should be cut off. 7. Unwinding machine, rewinding machine shall not be hung for a long time.

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