The Use Of Cold Rolling Machine Is Becoming More And More Extensive

- Oct 10, 2017 -

The cold rolling molding machine comprises a discharge rack, a molding machine, a cutting device and a feeder device. The bottom of the discharge rack is provided with a base, the molding machine is composed of a plurality of forming mechanism, and the cutting device is arranged on the rear side of the molding machine; Designed to provide a provincial process, Cold Roll forming Machine improve work efficiency and molding simple, fast and other characteristics of the cold forming machine.

The cold rolling mill has a wide range of applications, and has been developed in the fields of construction, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, and electronics industry. The cold rolled steel has its precise size and high surface finish. Everyone's unanimous approval. With the current manufacturers of cold-rolled steel products, good, specifications, the quality of the craving, Cold Roll forming Machine cold-rolled machine sales are getting better and better, for their better work for us, we have to maintain some of the maintenance Kung Fu, and today Xiaobian for everyone to explain the cold-rolled machine maintenance methods.

1, the staff must be in strict accordance with the operating procedures for the operation of the machine.

2, in every time before the start in accordance with the requirements of the lubrication chart to regularly fixed point to add a little oil, Cold Roll forming Machine and lubricants to clean without precipitation.

3, cold-rolled machine must always keep a good clean state, there will be no paint painted rust-proof grease.

4, the motor bearing lubrication oil must be regularly replaced and filling, and often to check the electrical part of the work is safe and reliable.

5, to regularly check the V-belt, handle, Cold Roll forming Machine knob and buttons are damaged, if the wear and tear should be promptly replaced and reported spare parts to add.

6, regularly check the switch, insurance, handle, to ensure the reliability of its work.

7, before work every day, be sure to add lubricant to the machine and scrub clean machine, keep clean and clean.

8, is strictly prohibited non-designated personnel to operate the device, Cold Roll forming Machine you must do people off the plane stop.

The above is the cold-rolled forming machine maintenance methods, although difficult but trivial things a lot, careful in the maintenance point, you can save our maintenance costs later, Cold Roll forming Machine but also can improve our production efficiency.

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