Tube Machine Maintenance Work

- Jul 07, 2017 -

Pipe forming machine is the core equipment of bellows production, which is composed of three parts: forming mold, transmission system and control system. The application scope has been expanded to various industrial fields.

Ripple forming machine has two kinds of vertical and horizontal, vertical corrugated molding machine mold up and down opening and closing, covers an area of small, Tube Shaping Mill compact structure, but the mold is more difficult to replace, especially large diameter mold replacement. Horizontal type corrugated molding machine forming its mold horizontal opening and closing, covers an area larger, but the replacement mold is much more convenient than the vertical, because of its wider application. Generally small diameter pipe, using a whole mold, and large diameter pipe taking into account the weight of its mold, the replacement is not convenient, Tube Shaping Mill it is generally used bracket mold, change diameter, simply replace the core of the bracket that Can save mold manufacturing costs.

In recent years, most of the domestic bellows manufacturers love to actively use the domestic tube forming machine, so the equipment development faster, processing level, new product development and foreign products are shortened no gap, Shuangjia believe The future development prospects are also good.

Tube forming machine, metal hose molding machine which will use a lot of man-made failure, the following content, for everyone to list the nine kinds of users which are very common failure, Tube Shaping Mill analysis of the possible reasons for such a failure.

A lack of glue

(1) the material pipe and the mouth temperature is too low.

(2) mold temperature is not enough.

(3) the injection time is too short. (4) injection pressure is too small. (5) injection speed is too slow. (6) injection time is too short.


(1) injection pressure is too large.

(2) the molding temperature is too high.

(3) There are foreign bodies inside the mold.

(4) mold closed is not tight, clamping pressure is not enough.

(5) mold damage.


(1) molding machine temperature is too high, the injection speed is too slow.

(2) forming the mold has a lack of plastic phenomenon.

(3) outside the mold, the outside is too thick, Tube Shaping Mill the product volume naturally shrinks Erzhi.

(4) packing is too low, deformation.

(1) molding machine cooling time is not enough.

(2) mold temperature is too high.

(3) molding products, the thickness of the outer mold difference is too large.

(4) operation to take the action is not caused by the standard.

5. Water lines

(1) the temperature of the compound is too high.

(2) raw materials contain water, no thorough drying.

(3) injection pressure is not enough.

(4) mold feed port is too small.


(1) The compound contains water.

(2) the temperature of the compound is too high, Tube Shaping Mill or in the pipe and mold cavity heating time is too long.

(3) injection pressure is too large.

(4) the air inside the tube.


(1) the temperature of the compound is too low.

(2) mold design feed point too much.

(3) the injection speed is too slow. (4) Spray release agent excess. (5) mold exhaust bad.


(1) forming a pressure too large.

(2) the temperature is too high.

(3) mold exhaust bad.


(1) the temperature is too high.

(2) raw material material is too bad.

(3) forming residence time is too long.

Hydraulic machinery maintenance

With the further improvement of the level of industrialization in China, pipe machinery, metal hose forming machine and other hydraulic machinery in urban construction, road construction, exhibition center, airport, science and technology city, life community and other fields more widely. In order to ensure the durability of hydraulic mechanical properties, users in the daily use of attention to reasonable maintenance.

1, before the start of the maintenance work

In the formal boot before the need to do the maintenance work is more detailed, such as whether the relevant oil standard to meet the requirements, the other amount is enough to be checked; and Hailing hydraulic machinery buttons also need to be checked one by one, Tube Shaping Mill If there is an inflexible situation should be dealt with in a timely manner, otherwise it will cause a great obstacle to the normal use; nuts work conditions should be measured, it is easier to overlook the place.

2, boot in the maintenance

In the process of mechanical operation can not ignore the basic maintenance work, Tube Shaping Mill including the limit switch working conditions are normal and the temperature changes in the various parts of the normal, these details are not overlooked attention.

3, after the shutdown maintenance

  After the shutdown, many people think that nothing serious, and this is a common mistake. After the shutdown of the maintenance process is the most critical, must be thoroughly cleaned up the various parts, and other relevant work area should also be carefully checked, the handle must also maintain the neutral position.

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