Tube Mill

- Dec 28, 2016 -

Tube mill is very important in the modern industrial fine grinding equipment, large tube mill production capacity is very high. Single cartridge tube mill and short length of tube ball mill different places is that it only 2-7 times greater than the diameter, material experience for a long time in a tube mill, uniform size, crushing is relatively large. Multi tube mill is in fact single-cartridge type used extensively. Multi tube mill, the diaphragm the mill body is divided into a number of bin, in every position, according to the fine grinding of materials combined with grinding, fine grinding of such material by warehouse in stages, and high grinding efficiency, its power output as well. Tube mills are widely used in building materials, metallurgical, mineral processing, power, and the grinding of cement and other materials in the chemical industry. The tube mill with high crushing ratio, large capacity, the material flexibility, wear parts easy to replace and so on. Tube mill's main components are: shell, feed, unload, drive and so on.

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