Tube Mill Maintenance Tips

- Dec 28, 2016 -

1. If the found irregularities should be stopped immediately in ball mill grinding repair.

Mill maintenance a regular job. Repair work had direct influence on energy-saving ball mill operation rate and service life. In order to detect defects elimination of risks, in order to ensure normal operation of the mill, in addition to routine maintenance, you also need to regularly stop grinding, (once a month) to important components such as the hollow shaft, main bearing, cylinder, size reducer, gear check, detailed records. In terms of defects and urgency for proper treatment and arrange for repair and overhaul.

2. all lubricants for ball mill in grinding machine put in continuous operation for one month should be released, thoroughly cleaned, replace with new oil. After oil change about every 6 months in the combination again.

3. lubrication points lubrication of ball mill and oil level check at least every 4 hours.

4. ball mill operation, main bearing oil temperature rise does not exceed 55 degrees centigrade.

5. the ball during normal operation, transmission bearing and gearbox temperature rise does not exceed 55 degrees Celsius, up to 60 ℃.

6. ball mill liner wear 70% or 70mm long cracks should be replaced.

7. mill liner bolts have damaged liner should be loose change

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