Tube Mill Noise Control Methods:

- Dec 28, 2016 -

1, reduce the noise in tube mill at the source:

From the sound source on many ways to reduce the noise in tube mill, but can adapt to dry-type high-temperature control method for tube mill in thermal power plants are mainly: tube damping on acoustic treatment, placement between the cylinder wall and lining elastic buffers, with floating liner technology;

2, on the route of spread for noise control: development is mainly acoustic enclosure and sound insulation effect fixed or assembling type acoustic enclosure

3, the development trend of noise control for tube mill:

Tube mill noise noise transmission control is an important component in the whole area of noise control, but such measures do not involve modification of noise sources and therefore cannot be regarded as a positive measure. Sometimes will cause inconvenience to the operation and maintenance of equipment maintenance. Tube mill noise control for the most direct and most effective, most economic measures is to reduce the source voice: "from a sound source for noise control". So lower noise noise emitted by the source itself, is the trend of study on noise control of tube mill.

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