Tube Mill Production Capacity

- Jul 07, 2017 -

Pipe mill is mainly used for building materials industry in the grinding of various types of cement clinker and cementing a variety of raw materials, with high production capacity, strong adaptability to the material, broken ratio and other characteristics.

According to the structure of the mill can be divided into two kinds of warehouse and warehouse; according to the way of discharge and transmission is divided into tail unloading and unloading, Tube Mill edge drive and center drive; by grinding process method is divided into dry grinding, wet mill.

Tube mill and short ball mill different places only in its length than the diameter of 2-7 times the material in the tube mill to go through a long time, the product fineness uniform, smashing relatively large. In fact, multi-warehouse tube mill than a single application of a wide range. Tube Mill In the multi-warehouse tube mill, the partition plate will be divided into a number of cylinder barrels in the warehouse, in each warehouse, according to the material grinding with the grinding of the situation, so that the material fine grinding by the warehouse in phases, Thus obtaining a higher grinding efficiency, its unit power production is also larger. Pipe mill is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mineral processing, power and chemical industry grinding cement and other materials. The tube mill has a large crushing ratio, large production capacity, strong adaptability to the material, Tube Mill easy to replace the wear parts and so on. The main components of the mill are: cylinder, feeding section, discharge department, transmission and so on.

① the physical properties of materials (such as particle size, moisture, hardness, etc.) fluctuations in the strong adaptability, and greater production capacity.

② crushing ratio (usually more than 300, for ultra-fine grinding up to 1000 or more), Tube Mill the fineness of the product, and easy to adjust the grain gradation.

③ can adapt to different situations of the operation: dry work can also be wet operation, but also the drying and grinding two processes together at the same time operations; open grinding, but also closed-circuit grinding.

④ good sealing, can be negative pressure operation, the workplace without dust flying.

⑥ easy to large-scale, to meet the needs of large-scale production of modern enterprises.

Tube mill works: pipe mill, cement mill when the cylinder around the horizontal axis to a certain speed of rotation, installed in the cylinder of the media and raw materials in the centrifugal force and friction under the action, with the cylinder to a certain height , Tube Mill When their own gravity is greater than the centrifugal force, they come out of the cylinder wall of the projectile drop or roll down, due to the impact of crushing ore. At the same time, in the process of moving the ball mill, the grinding media between the sliding movement of the raw materials also produce grinding effect. Tube mill use: pipe mill, cement mill rough grinding room for the metal ball or steel bar, the last fine grinding room with a small ball or steel section, row of ore is generally lattice-type and overflow type, suitable for the cement industry The

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