Very High Stability Of Longitudinal Shear Line

- Jun 23, 2017 -

longitudinal shear line is mainly used in tinplate, galvanized iron, silicon Steel, cold-rolled strip, stainless steel belt, aluminum strip, steel strip and other roll material slitting.

longitudinal shear Line can meet the customer's quality requirements: equipment stability is very high, high production efficiency and shear precision, Slitting Line material surface roughness high and no damage.

Slitting line This kind of large-scale equipment production line is very important, whether in the preparation work before the machine operation or in the operation detail and after the use completes maintenance work, before we explained the longitudinal shear line before the operation of the five preparatory work, today we mainly explain the longitudinal shear line operation of the attention and work details

1, carefully read the drawings, according to the provisions of the input chip width, film length and other data and audit. Adjust guide width, Slitting Line press position and stacker position according to requirements.

2, the measurement of the actual width of the silicon steel sheet coil, the measurement accuracy of 0.05 mm, the test coil width tolerance, S-degree and wave degree, must not exceed the standard.

3, on the material, manual test cut, take the piece, the comparison of the drawings after the inspection qualified can be automatically cut.

4, shearing process operators should pay close attention to the operating conditions of the transmission parts, Slitting Line once the phenomenon of blocking, immediately stop processing.

5, the equipment normal work process, the arm and other parts of the body should not be stretched into the heap under the platform and other transmission parts, in order to prevent accidents, such as the need to adjust in the shutdown state.

6. Do not place tools, Slitting Line material sheets and other sundries on equipment when running.

7, the use of driving up and down material volume, must be in accordance with the provisions of the operation, beware of accidents.

8, lifting the finished product must adjust the balance of the material table, slow down, in order to prevent slides hurt.

9. Waste basket should be replaced in time when the waste is full.

10, the work process, if the equipment abnormal should be immediately shut down processing, notify the equipment maintenance personnel, and do a good record. Fill in the shift record carefully when you shift.

The rectifying part of the longitudinal shearing line is composed of a roller platform, a guide pillar, a wire rod and a vertical guiding roller wheel, which is used to standardize the walking position of the plate before entering the shearing machine and to improve the diagonal precision of the plate. Duplicate school flat with a five-roller leveling machine, the school flat roller diameter 125mm, material 40Cr, quenched and tempered + medium-frequency quenching + fine grinding. Fixed long send and cut with a pair of folder feed roller, pinch roller surface coated wear-resistant rubber, plate surface does not leave scratches, power and five-roll school machine to share. Slitting Line Equipped with AC servo motor, PLC control, can achieve fixed-length shearing.

The movable sleeve in the longitudinal shearing line is respectively installed between the traction leveling machine and the fixed ruler machine, which is used for buffering the difference of the feeding speed of the material.

The movable sleeve one end has the hydraulic oil cylinder drive swing bridge, in the roll material material head to introduce the machine and the Winder, the swing bridge all sets up, the convenient material head sends in. Once the material head enters the take-up machine clamp clamp and clamp tightly, Slitting Line pendulum bridge pendulum.

The two pairs of photoelectric switches are installed in the looper pits to control the reserve of the sheet material, to control the speed of the take-up and slitting machine, in order to ensure the normal rewinding work of the Coiler.

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