Tube Mill

Tube Mill is a very important fine grinding equipment in modern industry, and the production capacity of large tube mill is very high. The difference between the single-cylinder tube mill and the short-cylinder ball mill is that its length is 2-7 times larger than the diameter. The material takes a long time in the tube mill, the product fineness is uniform, and the crushing is relatively large.
In fact, multi-barrel tube mills are widely used in single-sector applications. In the multi-cylinder tube mill, the compartment plate divides the mill cylinder into a plurality of bins, and in each bin, the grinding body is matched according to the fine grinding condition of the material, so that the fine grinding of the materials is carried out in stages. Thus, a higher grinding efficiency is obtained, and its unit power production is also large.
Tube mills are widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mineral processing, power and chemical industries to grind cement and other materials. The tube mill has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, large production capacity, strong adaptability to materials, and easy replacement of worn parts. The main components of the tube mill are: cylinder, feeding part, unloading part, transmission part and so on.
1. It has strong adaptability to the fluctuation of material physical properties (such as particle size, moisture, hardness, etc.) and has a large production capacity.
2. The pulverization ratio is large (generally 300 or more, and it can reach 1000 or more when performing ultrafine grinding), the fineness of the product is fine, and the particle gradation is easy to adjust.
3. It can adapt to different situations: it can be dry work or wet work. It can also combine the two processes of drying and grinding at the same time; it can be opened for grinding or closed circuit grinding.
4. Good sealing performance, can be operated under negative pressure, and there is no dust flying on the work site.
6. It is easy to enlarge and meet the needs of large-scale production of modern enterprises.
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