Steel Tube Mill

Steel Tube Mill includes Round Or Square Steel Tube Mill For Welded Pipe Making Machine, Metal Tube Rolling Mills and Automatic Roll Forming Machine, and so on. Take the Automatic Roll Forming Machine as an example.
The Automatic Roll Forming Machine consists of a roller device, a roller translation device, a transmission and brake device, a base, a spindle assembly, a die base elliptical motion device, a rolling head base, an electric motor and an electrical control system.
The mold base elliptical motion device comprises a mold base, a slider, a slider seat, a die plate, a fixed plate, an elliptical long axis adjusting rod and a backing frame, wherein the die seat is connected with the slider through the lower part, and the slider is set.
A sliding mechanism is formed in the slider seat with the dovetail structure in the lower part thereof. The slider seat is connected to the main shaft by a taper sleeve method, and the mold plate is fixed by bolts on a fixing plate provided with two long screw holes. One end of the fixing plate is connected with the slider by bolts, and the other end is abutted against the die plate.
Installation and commissioning
The position of the embedded parts of the molding machine should be accurate and firm, and the foundation should meet the design requirements and achieve the strength of the installation. 1 . Check the machine for damage or deformation during transportation;
2 . Check the fasteners in the main parts of the machine for looseness;
3 . Check whether the oil pool of the vibration reducer of the reducer and the vibration table and each lubrication point require refueling, and whether the oil quantity is suitable;
4 . Check that the braking effect of the main drive and brake motor is sensitive and reliable.
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