Metal Tube Rolling Mills

Metal Tube Rolling Mills

High frequency welded pipe mill is the special equipment producing welded steel pipe and profile pipe for industries such as metallurgy,construction,transportation,machinery,vehicles frame-tubes and fitness equipment tubes, API pipe, pressure transmission pipeline, pressure tubing(penstock) and...

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Product description

     Our company's metal tube rolling mill is an automatic square and rectangular tube equipment. The tube making machine can produce open cold-formed steel with certain specifications, such as U-shaped and C-shaped steel. The width and height of the product can be adjusted steplessly. The steelmaking machine is used for cutting the steel pipe by scale, the cut is smooth, smooth, no burr, and the scale precision is high.

The main feature of the equipment
1. The adjustment of the machine roller can be completed in a short time.
2. To produce pipes of different specifications, only need to adjust the settings of the machine.
3. Fully automatic machine can reduce the number of workers and reduce labor costs
4. Use high quality materials to improve the service life of the equipment.
5. The machine parts can be repaired separately.


1. Molded parts: consisting of a horizontal frame, a curved frame, a vertical roll frame and a supply frame of a plurality of frames
2. Welded parts: consisting of a welding squeeze roll, a scraping frame and a polishing frame
3. Cutting edge component: composed of roller frame
4. Electrical control part: controlled by multi-point PLC control